Interim CIO, Part-time CIO and Temporary CIO Services at

Almost every company has a high reliance on Information Technology (IT) within their business, as their computer systems have a direct impact on efficiency and profitability. As a result, it is important that the person making the executive decisions and overseeing the overall IT best practices has high-level knowledge and experience of CIO, CTO, or IT management.

Many companies are often at a disadvantage with Information Technology (IT), as they cannot afford to hire the executive talent, but need the wisdom and experience of a seasoned IT professional, other companies are without a CIO for a period while their current CIO or IT Manager is on extended leave for some reason, lastly, some companies are actively seeking to fill a full time CIO role and finding the right fit for the role is important and can take time.  It is not a decision that should be rushed.  Having an experienced person to fill this role ensures your systems and technology services are well managed and that critical projects are kept on track during what can be a very challenging time. provides a temporary, interim and part-time CIO services, whether it’s ongoing or part time for some orginisations it is an affordable way to have a senior-level IT expert involved within your company. We work with businesses of all sizes from a variety of industries all at different stages of development. Having a CIO in place during this transition will help your future technology leader hit the ground running with a trusted advisor to deliver the best results for your business.

Part Time CIO – Who is it for? CIO Services are primarily designed for:

  1. Companies that need to implement a technology based strategy and require a specific skillset on a temporary or part time basis.
  2. Companies that could benefit from strategic IT input, but can’t afford a full-time CIO.
  3. Companies that are temporarily without a CIO for a period of time.
  4. Companies that need a temporary CIO to manage the IT organisation while a search is initiated for a permanent CIO.

Directors of have held CIO positions, making the tough and strategic decisions to help develop companies, this ensures we can provide the guidance and leadership you need whether it is part-time (a few hours per week/month), interim (short periods such as weeks or months) or full-time temporary (up to 12 months)

Why would your company need a part-time CIO on an ongoing basis?

Your company may be too small to have a need for a full time CIO. Or perhaps your IT projects are behind schedule, over budget and/or missing targets. In this case, you are looking for someone who is an expert in every platform, networking, and business processes, but instead of hiring that person, you rented their expertise.

Why would your company need a temporary/interum CIO on a short term basis?

Your company may be merging with another company, or moving to a new office, or perhaps your CIO left suddenly or is on extended leave, leaving you with a need for an interim CIO while you are look to replace him/her. can provide that short-term leadership role and manage your current projects strategically.

What can offer? has a combined 17+ years of relevant experience, with a full array of technical and business skills including:

  • Software Selection
  • Project Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Security
  • CRM
  • Service Management
  • ERP Implementation
  • MRP
  • Distribution
  • Network Support
  • Financials
  • Supply Chain Management will be ideally suited to advise, implement, manage and maintain the technology needed to realize your business strategy. As part of team, will work with every team to expand and entrench your competitive advantage.

You get all the benefits

No vacations or retirement plans, just the CIO expertise you need only when you need it. Your technology is crucial to everything you do as a company. Whether going through a management transition or at an inflection point for your business, having the critical top technology management position vacant can be a big risk.

In a connected world, technology breaks all barriers does not need to be on site if not required. Email, phone and virtual meetings allow your company to save on cost and still get the expert advice. CIO services is more than a band-aid or a quick fix, he implements efficient long-term solutions. Whether it’s a single project or an overall performance audit of your IT department, will customise a plan based on your company’s unique needs using end-to-end capabilities.