What is it?

Here at CIO On Call, we understand the importance and value of outsourcing your IT operations – it comes down to service delivery and output.

In our industry, we often notice that there can be a large disconnect between what your organisation needs from an IT perspective and what IT services you actually receive. This can cause major disruption in your ability to deliver your product or service, impacting on your overall competitive edge in the marketplace.

By utilising CIO as a Service (CIOaaS), you’ll quickly see how effective it will allow your business to function. Sitting between your management structure and any external IT service provider(s), CIOaaS will provide your company with high-level management and execution of IT strategies along with IT delivery contracts.

CIOaaS provides you with access to the technical expertise when you need it, along with advice when things change and overall support. This allows your organisation to function and grow while acquiring the tech to continue to deliver its products and services.

Not only does CIOaaS provide you with ongoing support, but it can also help you with your lower end CIO services or temporary CIO services as well.


How it helps your business

  1. You’ll get access to ongoing advice and engagement – find the support you need to make strategic changes and IT decisions by tapping into expertise that you may not have yourself.
  2. Access collaboration when you need it – executive and internal IT resources will benefit by using the CIOaaS to collaborate on core essentials required to continue IT governance and coach internal IT resources (as needed).
  3. Get immediate help with complete strategic oversight – a service when you need it – full oversight of all your IT strategy and services. This is a function the CIOaaS excels at and one where an organisation will benefit from the most where internal resources are lacking.

At CIO On Call we are able to deliver CIOaaS because we understand the strengths and knowledge required to make an organisations IT strategies and resources remain in line with company wide strategic goals.

It’s an important role and one that is not taken lightly. A Chief Information Officer is key to the integral operational output of an organisation. They are also key to ensuring that technology keeps up with the growth of the business.

Without core IT strategies being actively implemented and changed, an organisation can find itself sailing a ship that has no wind. Technology is changing at a pace never seen before; companies need to keep up to ensure they remain competitive in their current marketplace.

Contact CIO On Call today to discuss how your business can utilise the CIOaaS in your day-to-day IT operations.